Dirty hands can cause health problems wash your hands

Clean Hands, Healthy Generations; Dirty hands

Dirty hands can cause healthy problems, hand hygiene is very important. Although hand hygiene is always on the agenda as a very important subject in the world, unfortunately it turns into a subject that we care less about.

Hand hygiene begins in many countries by providing education in kindergartens and continues with education for all ages and individuals in many state and private sectors.

We all know how important the issue is in the manufacturing industry.

But still, we wanted to remind and highlight what we have to do and how we should do it.

When and how often should we wash our hands? Dirty hands

  • After every toilet
  • If you see your hands very dirty,
  • Before eating and preparing food
  • Touching dirty foods, meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits
  • Before returning home from work, after arriving home
  • Sneezing, coughing, mixing nose, ears
  • Touching any dirty area of ​​your body
  • After touching cuts or wounds on your body
  • Before touching your eyes and face, before applying makeup
  • Before any medication and application administration
  • Loving and touching animals (including cage, material)
  • After touching sick people or shaking hands
  • Counting money and touching the garbage


How to hand wash?

Duration of the entire procedure: 40-60 seconds


Types of hand washing

Social hand washing
With this washing, the temporary microorganism flora is remove. It is at least 15 seconds.

Hygienic hand washing

Alcohol-base antiseptics that are self-drying are used with antimicrobial soaps. It is at least 30 seconds.

Surgical hand washing
It is made with antimicrobial soaps and alcohol-based antiseptics. The temporary flora is kill and remove. Disinfectants are also used in this wash. Nails are brushe, hands are washed to the elbows. It is 3-5 minutes.

Areas skipped during hand washing
The most forgotten regions are red, the less forgotten areas are purple.


The importance of hand hygiene

In nature, there are many microbes in everything we touch. Our hands are our organs that provide all kinds of relations with the environment in everyday life, and therefore contain the most germs.

These microbes that are transporte everywhere by our hands can cause many undesirable conditions from simple colds to serious diseases.

Although we agree on the importance of ‘hand washing’, it is one of the issues we neglect.

However, by paying attention to very simple rules, we can protect both ourselves and those around us from harmful microorganisms. When the stages of hand washing can be graspe together with its causes, it is provide in permanence.

Frequency in the hand washing is important for our health. It protects us from spreading patients and being sick.

The items and materials we touch by hand will become dirty and dirty. There are microbes on every surface we touch, even in the air.


We should always wash our hands against these invisible microbes. You can use kind of cleaning wipes to provide safe cleaning, regarding products

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