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What is Private Label?

  • Private label can be defined as producing the product or service with the copyright or trademark of another company on behalf of that company.
  • Also positioned as the clearest way to compete with certain power product brand locate in the market by chain markets with a broad segment
  • It is an effective way to achieve national or regional sales targets as it brings an alternative cost solution
  • In terms of market needs, private label brings a strong consumption effect with its combination of affordable price and quality in order to meet long-term sales expectations.
  • The main target of private label applications can be described as the formation of sales trends
  • Private label can be briefly defined as a special production product.
  • In recent years, the ease of meeting exclusive production application with market shelves for any product category has brought the sales graphic of special production products to the maximum level. While the interest of end consumers to related products continues to increase, it has been an attractive alternative for customers to purchase a product of the same quality with an economic price advantage.
  • In private label, the customer can try to buy the same product again when he / she compares the money he paid with the benefit he received.
  • In other words, it is possible to get more loyal customers with the satisfaction of the regarding product.
  • As Pufai, we think that the trend towards private label products will continue in the face of ongoing market dynamics. For this reason, we produce private label solutions around the world in line with the expectations of our customers, by making the necessary technological investments in our facilities and considering operational efficiency. In this context, we evaluate the requests and produce as private label for our business partners.

Private Label in The World

  • Private label branded products in Germany, Belgium, England, Spain and Switzerland have an important share in the general market market share of 40% in Europe.
  • Regarding products have a high share in the world.
  • In this case, it shows the quality of special products and the strength of their affordable prices.
  • The constantly evolving market brands make up one fifth of every product sold today, and related products are becoming more and more remarkable. By the end of 2016, the general market share of special production products market products in America was 17%. The market shares of private label products have increased in recent years.
  • The products started to appeal to a wider product area with alternative solutions to raise the bar every year. The price difference between special production products and other manufacturer brands is almost 40%. Due to the sales and competitiveness of private label products, concerns or efforts of producer brands to protect their market shares are clearly visible. Because the consumer and special production brands supplied face a high demand curve due to the favorable price criteria.
  • The demand for private label products has increased.
  • This shows the fact that consumers perceive these products as real brands.
  • Affordable price and quality component directs customers behavior towards related products


Special production products advantages

  • Mainly the related products are products sell under the brand name of a retail store.
  • Regarding products are mostly find in supermarkets and hypermarkets.
  • Especially; in the as health, food, cosmetics, house cleaning products, wet wipes, frozen food and personal care products.
  • Pricing and promotional practices in the regarding product are an opportunity for consumers.
  • While purchasing the product in their store, they rely on the market name and brand.
  • Because the consumer is confident that the product is manufacture to certain quality standards.
  • Already the store guarantees that the product is produce with certain standards.
  • Companies can determine all strategies about related products like price, marketing strategies etc.
  • In the marketing strategy, new and creative ideas can be present independently on the special production brand.
  • Special production products can obtain loyality according to changing consumer behaviour.

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