About Us

Pufai Manufacturing Company

We are manufacturing and supplying plastic and paper products and selling it over the world.

Our main products are copy papers, disposable cigarette filters and nasal strips.

But, our R&D team working on a new products, and in a short time we will promote new special products to the markets.

We are guarenteed quality and satisfied from our products.

Pufai Cigarette Filters actively removes tars and nicotine without changing the taste or flavor of the tobacco so you enjoy smoother % 70 cleaner smoking 1 filter = 5-7 cigarettes.

Pufai filters are made of food quality plastic, has no taste.

Our cigarette filters capture and preserves airborne fibers and carbon particles that are difficult for our body to decompose.

We are manufacturing  cigarette filters for regular, slim, slender and super slim size cigarettes.

Pufai Breathe Fresh Nasal Strips, use Breathe Fresh in order to sleep better. Breathe Fresh Extra Clear Nasal Strips are designed to be% 50 stronger than other nasal strips.

Pufai Business Copy Paper; 

  • Better performance – 99,99% paper jam free guarantee.
  • Higher printing quality – Whiter, smoother, thicker. More vivid colours and intense blacks.
  • Lower cost per printed page – Less maintenance costs, less toner consumption, fewer paper jams.
  • Environmental credentials – FSC® or PEFC and EU Ecolabel.
  • Full basket of solutions – Pufai offers multiple options for all printing needs.
  • Multifunctionality and quality consistency – Pufai performs in all office equipment, whatever the type of document, with the same quality results day in and day out

Production Facility and Capacity

We have high level production capacity and last technologies plastic injection machines.  Yearly, we would produce about 18.650 tone products in all categories. .

Pufai International Plastic and Paper Products Manufacturing Company Limited