Working at Pufai

Our vision is to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our positive social impact as we grow our business. Do you want to be a part of brands and this job that helps people feel good, look good and enjoy life more?

Pufai reaches tens of thousands of consumers every day with its products sold in more than 40 countries.

This alone means great career opportunities.

It is one of the factors that make Pufai the products preferred by consumers and the company desired to work with, that people with different views, talents, experiences and backgrounds work together in harmony.

Our Vision & Values

We have always believed in the power of our brands to increase people’s quality of life and that we are doing the right things.

As our company grows, our responsibilities increase. We know that global problems such as climate change concern us all.

Thinking about the broader impact of our actions is already at the core of our values and forms an essential part of our character.

Our Brands

We are responsible for known and preferred brands such as Pufai Filters, Puff Clean, Pufai Mask, Business Paper, Breathe Fresh.

Many of our brands have long-running social responsibility projects.


Innovation is Pufai’s source of growth, the lifeblood of our business. Our future is shaped by our ability to bring bigger and better innovations to the market much faster than our competitors.

Many R&D professionals work in our 2 global research and 1 global product development centers, regional and national development and application centers.

Sustainable Living

We believe in sustainable work life. For this reason, we work with our employees for a long time. As we work together, we witness the increasing experience and satisfaction of our employees.

In this context, we highly value all our employees, whom we see as our business partners.

Aims and Principles

We believe that we add value to people seriously with the services we have provided for many years and the products we produce.

Our main goal is to become a more globally recognized and preferred brand. As of today, we have achieved this in about 40 countries around the world. Our hope is to bring this further. While doing this, never compromise on quality and self-sacrifice.

Our History

We have been operating in related sectors since 1999. We serve and create value with our product range that increases and develops day by day.

We are aware of the responsibility our history gives us. And we act with this awareness.

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