About People Who Smoke

As Pufai International Plastic and Paper Products; we are manufacturing disposable cigarette filters, cleaning wipes, nasal strips and printing paper since 1999. As of today, we are promoting our products about 40 countries worldwide.

Today, we would like to tell something about smoking in the world.

About 1 bilion people is smoking over the world, even though, everyone knows it damages continue to smoke. And, many people join to this unhealthy comminity day by day. The peoples who smoke will continue to increase.

As a Pufai, we developed product, which known as a Pufai disposable cigarette filters holder, to reduce it damages about % 80 . Our developed products have 8 hole strong filtration system. People can use our products for slim, slender, super slim and regular size cigarettes. Also, people can use it same size tobacco products.

Thanks to Pufai strong filtration system, people can take a same taste when smoke also decreasing it damages. By the time, people get used to use filters and can not smoke without it. After a few period, people continue to quit smoke..

1. Firstly, Pufai will help to people to reduce cigarette damages,

2. Secondly, Pufai will help to people to quit smoke.

About Pufai Cigarette Filters Holder

Pufai Cigarette Filters have a 8 hole strong filtration system. Thanks to this speciality, people can protect yourself from nicotine by same smoking taste.

Also, Pufai is a cigarette filtration system which provide filtration high level nicotine and tar by giving same smoking taste.

Pufai products are producing by using last technology plastic enjection machines according to the international healty conditions. Also, packaging in a same method by using qualified package.

Also, Pufai prevent more nicotine by 8 hole innovation which developed by our R&D units.

Pufai cigarette filters actively removes tars and nicotine without changing the taste or flavor of the tobacco so you enjoy smoother % 80 cleaner smoking. 1 filter can use for maximum 4 cigarettes.

Pufai filters are make of food quality plastic, has no taste.

Our cigarette filters capture and preserves airborne fibers and carbon particles that are difficult for our body to decompose.

Some Information About Cigarette Filters?

Researchers have discover that the built in filters on filter tipp cigarettes, which are design to trap soot particles and absorb tar and other toxic chemicals are in themselves a potentially dangerous health hazard to smokers.

Although the built in filters do help to trap some of the soot particles and to absorb tar, carcinogens and toxic chemicals, analysis of documents released during legal cases show that the built in filters can also send a shower of loose fibres and carbon particles into the lungs of smokers

The body finds it difficult to break down these fibres and previous research suggests that the fibres found in the lungs of smokers are make of this material. These fibres are known to be coat in tumour promoters, carcinogens and a diverse range of toxins which are known to resist biodegradation.

Using Pufai cigarette filters will help to protect you against this newly discovered health risk by catching and holding air born fibres within the filter, helping to prevent them from entering your lungs.

Pufai do not contain any chemicals, charcoal or other loose fibre, they simply use centrifugal force to place a barrier between you and the hazardous toxins found in your filter tipped cigarettes.

Our cigarette filters DO NOT contain any chemicals, they simply use centrifugal force.

As the smoke is drawn into the cigarette filter it passes through small holes which causes the smoke to spin at speed in a whirlwind effect, this forces the heavier particles (mainly tar but also other hazardous substances) to the outer edge, where it sticks to the inside of the cigarette filter wall. This toxic sludge is clearly visible from the very first cigarette smoke, regardless of the strength.

How Does Pufai Cigarette Filters Work?

  • Pufai Cigarette filters do not contain any chemicals, coal or other loose fibers.
  • They work with centrifugal force only. Smoke progressing inside the filter passes from small holes that rotate them rapidly by means of whirlpool effect.
  • This propels heavy particles that contain harmful substances, primarily tar, in a way that such shall adhere to the inner wall of the filter.

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