Slim Cigarette Filters Stop Tar Fit 5mm 6mm Type 3000 Pieces


Slim Cigarette Filters Stop Tar Fit 5mm 6mm Type 3000 Pieces

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  • Content/Totally 3000 piece slim / super slim size cigarette filters in a reusable packs 
  • Used for / Dimensions/ Compatible 5 mm / 6 mm slim / super slim cigarettes
  • Materials / Origin Low density polyethylene Made in Pufai Manufacturing Facilities in UK and TR
  • Quantities in package Each pack contain 1000 pieces slim / ultra slim cigarette filters
  • Other We also dispatch white adapters with packs/boxes to make an usable for super slim sizes
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stop tar

stop tar

                             FREE EXPRESS WORLDWIDE SHIPPING stop tar

  • Content  Slim and super slim size cigarette filters holder in boxes and reusable packs 
  • Used for / Dimensions compatible 5 mm / 6 mm slim / super slim cigarettes
  • Materials / Origin Low density polyethylene Made in Pufai Manufacturing Facilities in UK and TR
  • Other We also dispatch white adapters with packs/boxes to make an usable for super slim sizes such as
stop tar

stop tar

super slim filters


  • Protect lungs from most of the tar- help reduce & quit smoking
  • Reduce coughing & shortness of breath such as
  • Relieve sore throat
  • Minimize stains on teeth and fingers
  • Pufai will not take anything away from the pleasure of smoking experience
  • Each Pufai Cigarette Filter can be used up to 5 times
  • It will immediately be visible how much tar is trapped in the filter, as the filter turns darker and darker after each smoke
  • Each filter is good for 5-6 cigarettes
  • The Item Contain New Technology  Strong Filtration System such as
  • Thanks to Pufai powerful  filter system, you can take same taste when you smoke.


  • Additional item contain 5 mm 6 mm slim and super slim size cigarette filters holder in a reusable pack/boxes such as
  • This item perfectly compatible for all 5 mm super slim sizes and 6 mm slim size cigarettes / same size tobacco products such as
  • Such as perfectly compatible for virginia super slim, capri slim, slim roll ups, and kind of cigarettes/tobacco products
  • We are dispatching also white adapters in all packs and boxes. If you would like to use this filters for 5 mm super slim sizes than you need to put white adapter to filter first
  • Easy to use this filters, you can see on pictures how could you use it. such as
  • Pufai Cigarette filters DO NOT contain any chemicals, they simply use centrifugal force  
  • Smoke progressing inside the filter passes from small holes that rotate them rapidly by means of whirlpool effect.
  • This propels heavy particles that contain harmful substances, primarily tar, in a way that such shall adhere to the inner wall of the filter.
  • Pufai filters keep much more tar by using 8 hole strong filtration system and providing safely smoking. such as


  • We are shipping all orders in 24 hours to worldwide. Estimated arriving time to worldwide 1-7 days. such as
  • If we ship product which is different than picture and product description, than we fully refunded and paid all costs.  such as


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 Thank You Very Much To Visit Our Shop, We Wish Healthy Life For You

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Weight2500 g
Dimensions12 × 23 × 56 cm

6 reviews for Slim Cigarette Filters Stop Tar Fit 5mm 6mm Type 3000 Pieces

  1. 5 out of 5

    Gerard Durtan

    ideal product and fast shipping thank you

  2. 5 out of 5

    Selim Gonul

    harika ve kullanışlı

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mike G.

    Note: I am one of us, who doesn’t leave feedback unless is really bad or really good – here are the pros and cons.

    Note: I was coughing so badly, that i ordered filters for my roll ups (i usually use a roach). While doing that, i noticed these things and thought i’d give them a try (because my cough was so bad, i was serioulsy worried and would have paid anything, just to try it, frankly).

    With normal swan filters, i was still coughing. Slightly less, but only slightly, surprisingly. As soon as i started using these, my coughing has reduced back to normal.

    1. They work, plain and simple – you can see all the tar in the filter – but also my extreme coughing has stopped – i just cough like a normal smoker, again (which was quite a relief, i can assure you). The effect was immediate, and my cough comes back immediately, if i have one without these filters.
    2. Although they might seem expensive, they last quite a while – certainly not a massive increase in your ciggy spending budget – at the end of the day, smoke a bit less, to afford these – it would do you good.

    1. They can feel very hard to suck through at first – you get used to this, but they are always a little slow, to drag on.
    2. Your cigarette is noticeably weaker – however, to be honest, i dont mind that because although i smoke more of them, it has reduced my tar intake, its that simple – and i really needed to do that – chain smoking these is a lot better than what i was doing before.

    So, overall, its a bit of a change in your lifestyle, the effect of the cigs is slightly different (probably because half the tar has gone), but i am SO PLEASED I GOT THESE, because at least my terrifying cough has gone, and now i am back to normal.

    I found it hard to even start using the normal white filters – but with one of these on, it actually makes it feel worth it, like im making apositive effort (and i am, now). I started them just to reduce my cough – but i cant imagine stopping them now, they are that good. I hope i feel the same after another week, lol.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Smith C.

    Very good price and product. Also fast shipping.

  5. 5 out of 5

    canad rondan

    very fast shipping and amazement product. thank you so much.. would buy again.

  6. 5 out of 5

    sarah carlt

    Really amazement product and service. I am happy customer and recommend it.

    thank you Pufai

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