Special gift pack little includes regular filter



  • 150 Pieces regular size 8 mm cigarette filters in a reusable pack
  • 30 Pieces regular size 8 mm cigarette filters in a dark box
  • 30 Pieces regular size 8 mm cigarette filters in a pink box
  • Intimate Cleaning Wipes 12 Capsules 1 Box
  • Car dashboard Cleaning Wipes 12 Capsules 1 Box
  • Smart hook 10 Pieces 5 Pair in a pack
  • 1 Piece Teddy Bear
  • 1 piece cable holder
  • 1 Piece Picture Frame
  • 1 Piece Bracelet

All the above products are dispatching in a special gift box as in the picture.


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  Super Cigarette Filters Holder


  • Content Regarding gift pack contain Regular Cigarette Filter Holder  too. All of them will be dispatch as showing picture in a special gift box.
  • Used for / Dimensions Compatible 8 mm regular size cigarettes and same size products 
  • Materials / Origin Low density polyethylene Made in Pufai Manufacturing Facilities in UK and TR
  • Other You can use 1 filter up to 5 times, after that you should change it with another one such as
Disposable Cigarette Filters
Super Cigarette Filters Holder

disposable cigarette


  • Protect lungs from most of the tar- help reduce & quit smoking
  • Reduce coughing & shortness of breath such as
  • Relieve sore throat
  • Minimize stains on teeth and fingers
  • Pufai will not take anything away from the pleasure of smoking experience
  • Each Pufai Cigarette Filter can be used up to 5 times
  • It will immediately be visible how much tar is trapped in the filter, as the filter turns darker and darker after each smoke
  • Each filter is good for 5-6 cigarettes
  • The Item Contain New Technology Strong Filtration System such as
  • Thanks to Pufai powerful filter system, you can take same taste when you smoke.
Super Cigarette Filters Holder
Super Cigarette Filters Holder


  • Additional item contain 8 mm regular size cigarette filters holder in a reusable pack/boxes such as
  • This item perfectly compatible for all 8 mm regular size cigarettes / same size tobacco such as
  • Easy to use this filters, you can see on pictures how could you use it. such as
  • Pufai Cigarette filters DO NOT contain any chemicals, they simply use centrifugal force
  • Smoke progressing inside the filter passes from small holes that rotate them rapidly by means of whirlpool effect.
  • This propels heavy particles that contain harmful substances, primarily tar, in a way that such shall adhere to the inner wall of the filter.
  • Pufai filters keep much more tar by using 8 hole strong filtration system and providing safely smoking. such as
Super Cigarette Filters Holder
Super Cigarette Filters Holder


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