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If you are entrepreneur and thinking about what can i do?

There is an opportunity for you.

  1. We are supporting our all agencies by best price, promotions, advertising and etc tools, to be provide profitable environment.
  2. We are giving detail education about our products and 7/24 giving service to them about all questions..
  3. We are opening an online shop and listing our products  in reputable online market places in your country behalf of you. Just , you will keep and ship products and earn money. We are conducting all activity in this marketplaces behalf of you with our products.
  4. You can also sell another things in this online shop which we opened.
  5. The account belong with you, therefore when you want you can cut our connection there, and you continue all sales activity there.
  6. We are manufacturing unique products like disposable cigarette filters ( 8 hole new technology and 6 hole slim technology ) and breathe fresh nasal strips ( which has so strong and usable band)
  7. We are developing our products and adding new products in our portfolio by the time.
  8. We are giving agency as a regional. Just we give 1 region to 1 person or institution. If your applying location is full than we cannot accept your application.
  9. Our products are selling in huge gross market, pharmacies, gas-oil stations, tobacco machines, tobacco shops and etc  place. You can sell our products to this places easily.
  10. We will send order to you which came from our international customer, and we will pay you commission for each products which you shipped to our customer.
  11. We have international agency network and if you will have international customer, than we ship your order which location is so close to there, and related agency ship your item to customer and you will give just commission to them. Thanks to this system, our all agencies earn money just shipping products.
  12. Include above we are offering many things to our agencies. If you would like to work with us, don’t lose time. Because, we are giving limited agencies.
  1. Filling agency form , which is below section,  and send your application to evaluate from our international trading team
  2. Your application will evaluate from our team and reback you in 72 hours.
  3. If your application has allowed than you will take a detail e-mail for next steps.
  4. You must purchase starting package from us. It is just 1 master cartoon and no need to huge capital, you can start to business with small capital. All package details are following but  prices sharing after confirmed your application.

Starting Package

  • 5 piece Pufai Dark Stand ( 20 dark box * 30 pieces filter)
  • 3 piece Pufai Pink Stand ( 20 pink box * 30 pieces filter )
  • 5 pieces Pufai Slim Stand ( 21 slim box * 25 pieces filter)
  • 50 pieces  dark box which contain 30 regular filters
  • 30 pieces pink box which contain 30 regular filters
  • 50 pieces slim box which contain 25 slim filters.
  • 5 pieces economic pack 1000 regular filters
  • 5 pieces economic pack 1000 slim filters
  • 10 pieces eco pack 300 regular filters
  • 10 pieces eco pack 300 slim filters
  • 15 pieces eco pack 150 regular filters
  • 15 pieces eco pack 150 slim filters
  • 25 box standart size nasal strips
  • 25 box large size nasal strips
  • 25 box transparent large size nasal strips
  1. We will created a mail address which like [email protected]
  2. We will ship your first starting package item in 48 hours.
  3. We registered you to our system and start to reflect order which came from other agencies and center studies.
  4. We will open an online shop in your country behalf of you and list all products which we shipped you.
  5. When you purchase, your selling activity automatically start from our team.
  6. You will start to take an order from our customer and your new customer.
  7. When you confirmed that products reach you then we start to work over the advertising in order to finished your starting products.
  1. If you are in NJ and taking order from india, then you create a request to us,
  2. When we confirmed your request, then you pay us “ product fee ( which is same your purchasing price) + local shipping cost ( we informed you when your request confirmed) + other transaction commission ( like paypall commission etc ) + agency commission % 13 ( the amount give to indian agency )
  3. Then we send request to our indian agency, indian agency ship your product to customer by local shipping cost.
  4. We are conducting all steps for transaction..
  5. Thanks to system, you are shipping international by local shipping cost.
  6. The products reach to your customer in a short time. And, you will take an positive feedback and increase your sales.
  7. You will earn commission from other agencies who sell in your region.
  8. If region confirmed over you , then who show activity there has to paid commission to you. Include main firm.
  9. Therefore, we review all application carefully.

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